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U10 Rules and Regulations

The following is a summary of rules for this age group.

  • Teams in the U10 age group will be divided into separate leagues for boys and girls.
  • Roster Size: 6-12 players.
  • Players on field: 6 vs. 6 including goalkeepers.
  • Ball Size: 4.
  • Field Size: Approx 60 yards x 40 yards.
  • Goal Size: 6 feet x 18 feet.
  • Coaches are NOT required to have player cards and game cards
  • Game Duration: 2 halves, 30 minutes each. 5 minute half-time.
    • Free Subs (at GA Soccer regulated stoppage of play; e.g., goal kicks, throwin’s offensive teams may substitute, etc).
    • Players should be at midfield and off the playing surface until the center referee indicates they may enter the field of play.
  • All players must play 50% of each half and preferably ¾ of a game.
  • Offside rule will be in effect.
  • Intentional heading will not be allowed. Violation of this results in an indirect free kick per GA Soccer rules.
  • Penalty kicks will be taken at a spot 8 yards from the goal line.
  • Throw-ins will be utilized to restart play when ball goes over touchlines.
  • Goal Kicks: placed in goal area.
  • At least one referee will be scheduled to officiate each game.
  • Recommended that Goalkeepers must play an equal amount of time on the field as in the goal.

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