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Welcome Team Mom's!!!!!

Thank you for your interest in being a Team Moms

We encourage every team to have a team mom to Help assist the Head Coach

Ultimately it is up to the head coach for what they expect from a Team Mom but as a whole you can expect the following.

1. Create and coordinate a snack schedule for games

2. Assist with weekly team emails about games/snack schedule for the coming weekend

3. Work with Coaches and Parents to coordinate an end of season party to celebrate another great season

4.  Assist with any other miscellaneous tasks the coach may need assistance with such as Jersey's or Pictures.

This is a really great way to get into volunteering and is a HUGE help for the head coach. Trying to build practice plans and game strategies as well as snacks and weekend emails can be very overwhelming for some coaches. Having a Team Mom to assist enables the coach to focus back on building the team up and training them for the coming games. 


How to Apply

1. Log into your SiPlay account like you did you register your child and select "Apply to Coach/Volunteer".

2. Follow the prompts and if you would like to volunteer for a specific team please leave it in the comments.

3. After registration has closed you will be assigned a team

4. After being assigned a team you will want to work with your Coach to get the season started.

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